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Solar Solutions

On Grid Solar Solution

We can design on grid solar system for residential and commercial use,we can provide all components including solar panel,grid tie inverter and other accessories.

Off Grid Solar Solution

Off grid solar system consists of solar panel,solar charge controller,battery and inverter,it’s best choice for rural area.

Hybrid Solar Solution

Hybrid solar system have both advantages of off grid solar system and on grid solar system,it can help homeowners manage their energy.

Solar Pumping Solution

Solar pumping systems are widely applied for irrigation in rural area like desert,where there is no national grid.


We provide one-stop PV products and service, and we have the ability to provide the products with various brands, types and configurations.

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    Solar Panel
  • on grid solar inverter, goodwe inverter, growatt inverter,SAJ inverter,SMA inverter
    Solar Inverter
  • pv cable, gel battery, controller, connector
    Solar Accessories
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    Solar System


Daitto Tech, we cooperated with several world-renowned photovoltaic products manufacturers, and now we are the largest offical distributor in China with largest purchase volume, the most complete rang of brandsand the most competitive price.

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    Daitto Tech Can Provide One-Stop Solar Solution!

    If you want buy solar system or any solar product,feel free to contact us any time!

    Solar Projects

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